Premier Teams


Players were ID'd for a quality U9 and U10 team, and three U11 teams.

All U9's and U10's have been contacted and given the opportunity to represent NW Ohio Futsal through Ohio Foxes.  45 kids were interested and evaluated for the U11 team.  Those who we feel are a good fit have been contacted.  A single team evaluation summary is provided below for what we feel is the right group of players ready for national competition.  These picks do not necessarily represent the best soccer players, as this is not soccer, but futsal.  Rather, the players ID'd are those who we feel are ready for futsal at the highest level...this year.  The below files contain useful information for U9's, U10's and not only the U11's, as how they were selected.  The evaluation videos below will be removed in the coming weeks.

Ohio Foxes U11 Premier Team Evaluation Sumary

Ohio Foxes U11 Evaluation Summary (pdf)


Frequency Based Evaluation Method and Criteria

Download this PDF for a more detailed explanation of the origin, criteria and reasoning behind the methodology, and why it was necessary this year.

Ohio Foxes Player Identification (pdf)


U11 Evaluation Videos

U10 (View U9 or U11 Evaluation Videos)

U9 Evaluation Videos