Northwest Ohio Futsal History


False Start and Revival


Soon after competitive soccer was established in the region in the early '80's, indoor soccer in the winter became a developmental necessity.  So Cook's father and others formed a simple and short-lived futsal league at the Southwest YMCA (now "Wolf Creek YMCA").  The league consisted of just four teams, just as the NWOYSL formed.  It was at this early age when Cook was introduced to the challenging task of ball-control on a hard court.  However, when turf was laid over ice in the local hockey arenas, futsal came to an end in the area and walled arena soccer took over.

Cook went on to play for various other teams and clubs, including the first-formed Toledo Celtics teams in the early '90's.  But when his own son (pictured bottom left) was six years old, he knew he needed to revive futsal in the area if he was to give his son the same proper development his father gave him, as futsal had failed to make a proper comeback.  

His goal was clear: if he could take a handful of six year-old rec kids from a small community club (who could barely kick the ball at the time), put them in a futsal environment, give them the proper instruction to make them nationally competitive, the area might once again open its eyes to the magic of futsal for youth development. 

2017 National Championships - Kansas City

Just three years later, Cook's former 6 year old rec players were competing at the highest national level.

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