U10 Boys - Great Lakes Regional Champions 2018

 The Ohio Foxes U10 Boys went undefeated in regionals and will continue to train and work toward improving their game and refining what they have already learned.  Congrats! 

Ohio Foxes Futsal Club

Why futsal?

Futsal is the only FIFA sanctioned version of indoor soccer and the fastest growing sport in the world!  Games are fast-paced, high scoring and demand exceptional skill with the ball.  The best soccer players in the world began playing futsal at a very young age. Read More

Why Fox Futsal?

Our coaches have coached at the Regional and National level, and our club is only futsal-exclusive club in NW Ohio.  Our teams have some of the best players from Pacesetter, Metro, Perrysburg and ESSL, and three of our coaches coach the state futsal teams.  We are the premier futsal club of NW Ohio.  Read More

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